Directed by Sneha Ostawal and Manu Gautham, Source Architecture is an architectural and interior design firm based out of Bangalore, India. Since 2010, Source has completed over a hundred projects of various typologies and sizes.
Our Approach
We believe in a fresh approach to architecture and interior design, doing away with clichés and tackling each challenge from first principles. We understand that design is a resultant of economics, socio-cultural influences, technology, context & human subjectivity, and believe that a successfully realised product is achieved by the conscious factoring of these forces. 
At Source the design process is as important as the final product – cause and effect are of equal importance. A carefully managed process is an assurance of an outcome that is sensitive, responsive, flexible, natural and efficient.
Sneha Ostawal Deshpande // Partner & Principal Architect 
With an early grounding in real estate development, Sneha is geared towards larger projects, especially those that are builder-driven. On the other hand, she is also a favorite of our private clients, for whom she fashions bespoke residences with flair and panache. 
B.Arch, RVSA Bangalore (2002-2007) / Architect-Intern at Anil Dube Architects (2007) / Asst. Manager - Design & Development, Divya Sree Developers (2007-2010) / Founder & Principal Architect, Source Architecture (2010 - ongoing) 
Manu Gautham // Partner & Principal Architect 
Manu received an architectural initiation from Venkataramanan Associates, one of the largest architectural firms in the country. Having also worked with KGD Studios, Manu is accustomed to working with an international mindset, with a keen sense for branding and product design as well, which he leans on for commercial and retail commissions. His passion, however, is larger architectural works. 
B.Arch, RVSA Bangalore (2002-2007) / Architect at Venkataramanan Associates (2007-2008) / Business Development at KGD Studios (2009-2010) / Founder & Principal Architect, Source Architecture (2010 - ongoing)
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