This on-site marketing office was designed for an upcoming 56-villa project for Chartered Housing. The space was an existing store room that required heavy renovation.

The space consisted of an entrance lounge, two meeting lounge and a dedicated specifications room.

A plush ambience was created in the meeting lounges by the use of glossy and metallic wallpapers, each fabrics and polished wooden panelling. Each of the furniture pieces in the meeting lounges were custom designed for this project.

A dedicated specification room was designed for the builder to showcase to clients the range and quality of materials which will be used in the villas. The room features each of the tiles, stones and fittings, artistically embedded in the walls with focus lighting and information plaques.

Finer details such as the customised door frosting, wooden door handles, handpicked fabrics and the carefully modulated lighting will not go un-noticed by the discerning villa customer on the lookout for quality and attention to details.
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